Warehousing is Evolving in a BIG Way

El Paso, Tx

Warehouses are no longer just vacant storage spaces where retailers hold inventory. As the retail industry expands and explodes with online shopping, warehouses are becoming a nimble, responsive, and solution-driven cog in the supply chain. The stagnant, dusty warehouse is a thing of the past for BIG Logistics; our mission to facilitate the smooth flow of cargo through our adaptability and creativity is evident in our approach to warehousing. Services from pick and pack to light manufacturing are available and options can be customized to your needs in a BIG way. 

It’s our goal to work hand in hand to maintain the timing and pricing clients depend on, while merging services, offering sourcing solutions and options, advisement, packaging options and transportation combinations that provide a comprehensive suite of services that our clients can depend on despite market fluctuations. Custom kitting, WMS integration, final mile services and cross-border logistics aren’t monolithic industries. The schedule of your shipment depends on success at every turn and transfer. By creating suitable schedules and plans, keeping the inventory and preparation in house and building on our years of experience and network connections, BIG Logistics can keep warehousing costs transparent and fluctuations minimal. 

In our El Paso warehouse, Tony Rubalcava is taking care of business in a BIG way. “We have clients who just have hiccups that they aren’t ready for. Not many people know there is a current shortage of boxes, but at BIG, we can help you find what you need, or find a suitable and hopefully sustainable solution. We’re helping clients by doing assembly, advisement and sourcing with them to make sure the timeline management isn’t disrupted. We’re all one BIG team, their success is our success.”

Strategically located in El Paso, Tony’s warehouse can work with both domestic and cross-border cargo headed into and out of Mexico. Working with clients to determine the best and most efficient options in a wild ocean market has been challenging, but that’s usually the best part. 

“We’re creative. We don’t know what we can’t do until we try. BIG doesn’t want a distant relationship because we’re better together. The communication is always key between our warehouses and the needs of the customers. The more we understand, the better we can serve. It’s important to listen and be excited to see new successes come from strong, long-term relationships.”

If your current warehousing provider isn’t a living, dynamic part of your supply chain, come have a BIG talk with us about how we can support your cargo and save you some trouble along the way.