Revitalizing US-India Trade: BIG Logistics’ Role in Indian Perishables

In a dynamic global landscape marked by evolving geopolitical dynamics, BIG Logistics is at the forefront of fostering the burgeoning perishables trade between India and the US, particularly in the realm of fresh fruits. A significant milestone in this journey was the mutual agreement between the two nations to eliminate retaliatory tariffs, a move that has substantially revitalized trade.

Recent US trade data reflects a significant uptick in perishables movement, with US apple shipments to India witnessing a dramatic increase. Since September, there have been about 765,000 40 lb cartons shipped, a stark contrast to the previous period’s 9,000. This surge is a direct result of the tariff removal, which has not only boosted quantities but also diversified the market with various apple varieties.

The success story goes beyond just volume; it extends to premium produce like Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, and more, as noted by Jim Bair, President and CEO of the US Apple Association. Indian importers, such as Mumbai-based IG International, have also observed a significant surge in US apple movement, attributable to the 20% reduction in import duty.

At BIG Logistics, we understand the complexities of such international trade. Our state-of-the-art, tech-enabled temperature-controlled cargo solutions are adept at handling the logistical challenges of the approximately 9,000 nautical mile journey from the US to India. This capability is crucial, especially in the face of longer transit times and escalating freight rates, partly due to the ongoing Red Sea crisis.

India, seizing the moment, has begun exporting pomegranates to the US, further buoyed by the opening of additional irradiation facilities to meet quality standards. This reciprocal trade growth signifies the potential of the US-India perishables market.

However, the shipping crisis in the Red Sea route remains a concern, potentially impacting Indian exporters’ aspirations. Efficient and strategic logistics planning, a forte of BIG Logistics, becomes essential for seamless and cost-effective trade operations. Our deep understanding of the market nuances and robust partnerships in India place us in a unique position to navigate these challenges effectively.

As carriers adapt to these changing dynamics, BIG Logistics remains committed to providing tailored solutions that address the specific needs of the perishables trade. Our expertise in handling sensitive cargo, combined with our strategic ties in India, makes us a difference maker in this sector.

For businesses looking to leverage the thriving US-India perishables trade corridor, BIG Logistics offers the expertise, network, and solutions to ensure your goods move efficiently, safely, and in compliance with all regulations. Contact us to explore how our logistics solutions can help navigate the complexities of international perishables trade.