BIG Partnerships: MiPharma


Strong network partnerships are a critical tool for a logistics company. Logistics is a complicated industry with tightly woven connections between different facets of service providers. Making connections with other professionals gives BIG Logistics the ability to expand our services under the expertise of the individual industries we touch. One of the strongest partnerships we have is with the MiPharma network. 

When cargo requires specialized handling, monitoring and constant visibility, and a persistent chain of custody there has to be a chain of experienced professionals sharing knowledge and services. While forwarders may feel that they can tackle other non-perishable, high-value verticals with an average amount of experience, MiPharma and the companies in the network exemplify the highest standards and experience. 

Because pharmaceutical imports in the US are an $80 billion industry without the pandemic figures, the number of people who are depending on BIG Logistics and the MiPharma network for life-saving medication is almost incalculable. The care, caution, and delicacy with which we handle each and every shipment is specifically tailored to the needs of that shipment. Whether it’s a temperature issue or special packaging required, the high standards of service we offer are built to protect the integrity of all our cargo, especially where pharmaceuticals are involved. 

Maintaining cargo integrity is paramount as a forwarder, shipments in warehouses must be secure and protected, but the oversight and regulations serve to stand as a single steward against medical issues caused by bad handling. At BIG Logistics, we employ cold-chain temperature-controlled environments to maintain shipment integrity all year long. Our cold-chain infrastructure was built to protect pharmaceutical and perishable shipments, giving our customers the peace of mind that we’re always in control. Partnering with the MiPharma network allows us to access a higher level of compliance and stronger oversight where the clients need it most. 

We treat the health and safety of our friends and family with the utmost care, handling every shipment as though it is critical medicine for our own loved ones. BIG Logistics never forgets how important it is that we get it right each and every time and we remember that there are real lives at the end of every cargo journey. Bold trust is given to us so it cannot be taken for granted. 

The MiPharma global network has a rigorous standard that we are thrilled to maintain in our shipments. If you would like to discuss how BIG Logistics can help you with your pharmaceutical shipments, reach out today!