Making a BIG impact!

Oxygen concentrators ready for those in need in India

This week the CDC announced that fully vaccinated Americans are now able to go unmasked in most cases, both in and out of doors. While we celebrate the return of normal, it is critical to remember that there are other nations, particularly India, that are struggling to stem the spread of COVID-19. As record cases develop in India, the need for PPE, therapeutics, acute care medical equipment, and support is expanding as quickly as the virus, and we’ve decided to help in a BIG way via oxygen concentrators. 

BIG Logistics, a SecurCapital Company, partnered up with the USICOC (US-India Chamber of Commerce) and their president, Neel Gonuguntla. Along with support from Qatar Airways Cargo and Hermes Cargo, BIG sent a humanitarian relief shipment of 128 oxygen concentrators to Hyderabad. 

From DFW, the USICOC organized the funds for the purchase of the oxygen concentrators and logistics costs while BIG Logistics provided the logistics services, booking, tracking, and coordination of the freight. Qatar Air Cargo offered their humanitarian relief rate for the air shipment of 8 pallets at 2351 kgs. Upon arrival, Hermes Cargo met the airplane on the tarmac during the unloading process and is coordinating the destination services so these important machines can be distributed. 

The machines arrived on May 14th at 1:34 AM local time and will be distributed to hospitals in impacted areas in India helping support front-line health care workers. BIG Logistics is honored to have been a part of this project and hopes to inspire our readers to get involved when they can. 

If you’d like to know about other BIG projects that are coming up and could use a boost from everyone, reach out to your representative today! We have much more coming to spread the love and help to the people of India and don’t want you to miss a moment! 

B.I.G. Logistics, LLCA SecurCapital Company