Problem Solving Power of El Paso

Problem Solving

Ocean cargo is facing massive disruption as record numbers of containers arrive at ports on the east and west coasts. Air cargo is fast running out of capacity as rates climb due to pivoting shippers trying to get inventory on shelves by the holidays. The rail delays are mounting and in some cases, which we will highlight below, hundreds of containers are clogging up hubs and dragging transportation to a standstill. Every sector is under stress. Having a skilled logistics partner isn’t enough anymore; you need an advocate. 

In times of tumultuous logistics issues, the connections we have in our industry set us apart from other forwarders and the embodiment of that is reflected back by Tony Rubalcava in our El Paso, TX division. More than just a Program Manager, Tony is a dedicated problem solver who has yet to find a situation he can’t work through successfully. Mixing diligence, creativity and deep, strong roots in the western Texas and Northern Mexico area, when Tony doesn’t know the answer he knows where to find it. 

The running joke about the success of the El Paso team is that “Tony knows a guy” for each and every situation that arises. While that might invoke a chuckle, it is a shining example of the importance of strong relationships, trust and how being helpful leads us to finding helpers when we need them. It might sound cliche’d at this time of the year, but our El Paso team is the change we all want to see in logistics. 

“When you’re asked for help, even if it’s not exactly for your business, you help them because someday that can be you who needs the help,” Tony explains. “We work with a small team and it’s much more like a control center because we need to be aware of everything going on in our area to stay ahead of issues. The time for being stuck with normal processes is over. We need to be creative, attentive, inventive and authentic.”

Working outside the traditional, BIG Logistics El Paso, TX does everything from the traditional forwarder jobs to light manufacturing and providing transportation solutions for the myriad containers that are stuck on the rail due to a lack of chassis. Whether the task is assembling dog beds for distribution across the United States or bypassing obstacles via creative maneuvering around carrier and rail delays to circumvent disruption and provide services that nobody else can, BIG Logistics is the logistics partner you need on your team.