B.I.G. Nearshoring: Destination Mexico

Mexico is working to become the best near-shoring option as companies try to find alternative manufacturing services apart from China after congestion and delays plagued the nation during the pandemic. To compete successfully against other places, Mexico must focus on infrastructure improvements and safety concerns while ensuring they have enough labor and production capacity to meet demands. 

Near-shoring is the act of bringing manufacturing closer to home. BIG Logistics and Xcell Logistics are committed and invested in supporting this shift in the industry. Opposite of off-shoring, near-shoring, ally-shoring, and reshoring have become attractive options in a larger global marketplace plagued by disruption in a pandemic. As we saw massive logistics headaches and rate increases, lessons were learned by putting all of our manufacturing and sourcing eggs in one basket. 

“Nearshoring is already here. It’s not around the corner; it’s already here,” Xcell CEO Cedric Sosa told FreightWaves. “All these companies are moving from Asia to Mexico. That trade will keep growing, not just in Laredo, but all the ports of entry along the border.” BIG Logistics acquired Xcell Logistics in December 2022. 

With more manufacturers looking at opportunities to near-shore, cross-border cargo will continue to swell.  Look at BIG and Xcell as your cross-border cargo experts.  Our El Paso and Laredo offices, spotlighted by our experienced and professional local staff, understand the specific needs of cross-border cargo and the unique challenges it can present. We are dedicated to going above and beyond for the clients and the community. Our flexibility to conform to new ways of moving freight and our lengthy experience allows us to deviate from the norms and install new processes that will exceed customers expectations.

BIG Logistics, El Paso, offers a 76,000 sq ft. warehouse with a 1.35-acre gated yard, soon expanding to include a facility in New Mexico to expand cross-border freight services.

Xcell Logistics, Laredo, operates two border facilities totaling 150,000 sq ft., as well as nine Customs Brokerage offices in all major Mexican ports.If you’re looking at the options you have for near-shoring and want to learn more about how BIG Logistics can help you with your cross-border freight, contact Tony Rubalcava at BIG Logistics in El Paso.

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