Trucking Boom: Find Your BIG Plan

Three large red truck on the road

An uptick in US manufacturing has been a boon and a challenge to trucking companies this year. In an industry battling a lack of drivers, complicated equipment issues and roller coaster-style fuel costs, shippers need to make a plan. 

With the Holiday rush round the corner,  BIG Logistics is here to help you with the key requirements: 

  • Flexibility – Understanding that truckers are doing the best they can with the demand put on them in the final quarter of the year, shippers who are flexible and adaptable to scheduling or equipment changes will be able to make adjustments and save critical hours and trips. 
  • Patience – Shippers who understand that with the busy time come delays, changes, and even errors despite the best efforts of all involved. Patience, whether it’s waiting for rates, or a delay due to traffic and weather problems, goes a long way in winter. 
  • A proactive approach to information and communication – the faster you can tell your BIG Logistics representative about your situation, the better chances are that we have a solution ready to deploy to help. While we are an excellent partner to have in an emergency, we’re able to do bigger and better things with a little bit of lead time.
A truck driver fills up his tank and has had his fill of prices.

Retailers are working diligently to get inventory ready for brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce. Part of the planning process will be devoted exclusively to trucks as they are responsible for 80.8% of US freight. That much cargo demands a rigorous team of industry experts who can advise and advocate for your freight. Getting your needs heard, making sure you’re able to move through the holidays with minimum disruption is the service that BIG Logistics offers for our trucking clients. 

Not only will trucks be busy with distribution, but drivers will also be tied up trying to manage the container imports, air cargo deliveries and drop-offs, and a myriad of other responsibilities. Understanding how to work with the season, prepare for disruption, and protect your interest is what BIG Logistics does best. If you want to learn more about our trucking options, contact your representative today.