B.I.G. Logistics believes technology combined with high levels of personalized service is what provides our firm the competitive advantages. It is simply critical to compete in a global marketplace.

Our communications and operations are cloud-based providing security, disaster recovery and the flexibility to grow and react more quickly. We understand the trust that our clients place in us with their cargo and confidential business information, so security protocols and our architecture are built for redundancy and all of our facilities are secured and monitored through links to our corporate headquarters.

  • Online booking and tracking
  • Customer designed reporting
  • Exception reporting and workflow management
  • EDI integration
  • Barcoding and RF Scanning
  • Online warehouse and inventory visibility
  • Purchase order management

While other logistics providers are still trying to offer basic tracking and booking systems, B.I.G. Logistics is already exploring the next generation of technology to monitor cargo we have in our possession on behalf of our clients. If you need a partner that understands technology, B.I.G. Logistics can help you design a global supply chain using technology at the core.

“B.I.G. Logistics moves the world with technology.”

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