Nearshoring and Cross-Border Logistics: How BIG Logistics Facilitates Successful Trade

Attention is focused on the border again as companies look for friendly alternatives to overseas manufacturing. Nearshoring, the act of bringing production closer to home base, became popular post pandemic, when the contagion forced Asian factories to slow or stop manufacturing due to social distancing and public health issues. Having all one’s metaphorical eggs in that basket gave companies a nudge to prepare backups and build more contingencies into their supply chain. 

With companies like Target opening new distribution centers in Texas, the cross-border boom looks to continue. Exports of Mexico-built cargo trucks rose significantly in 2022, credited in large part to nearshoring and manufacturing opportunities. As the manufacturing moves south, a good logistics plan will include a strong cross-border partner to help guide and advocate for your interests. As $800 million in cargo moved across the border at Laredo in 2022, the future health of border trade and the companies that serve the area are of paramount importance to future logistics successes. 

Big Logistics and our sister company Xcell Logistics give you the best of both worlds, offering ample coverage beyond the border. With a full network of locations north and south, we can help you coordinate your cross-border cargo with the efficiency and security that you can trust. Offering a strong local presence and regional expertise, between BIG and Xcell we cover all major ports of entry by land, air and sea to/through US and Mexico finding solutions for brokerage, trucking and warehousing all with one call. We seamlessly communicate up-to-the-minute status reports and inventory management. 

 With more focus on the border, and delays becoming possible as traffic increases, successful cross-border coordination is non-negotiable in this nearshoring market. Trust in BIG Logistics’ experience and expertise to protect your cross-border cargo and support your nearshoring network. If you are ready to take the first step in preparing a cross-border logistics plan, contact your BIG Logistics representative today.