Making BIG Room for You in DFW

Our DFW Facility just got a whole lot BIGger for you!

We are closing in on two years of the pandemic that has gripped the world since late 2019, and while the globe is working to return to some semblance of normal, there are several aspects of life that will be forever changed. To no one’s surprise at this point, consumer demand and e-Commerce are two of the top items that have drastically evolved since the dawning of COVID-19. In those shifts, we have and continue to see effects ripple through industries, specifically warehousing and its finite availability. 

Giants like Amazon, who prior to the pandemic were expanding their operations across the US kicked things into overdrive during 2020/2021; buying up as much real estate and facility space as they could to remain on top. While great for Prime members and those who rely on Amazon to sell their goods, it left the market for those in need of warehouse space for their own storage and operations with slim pickings, if anything at all. And it isn’t just Amazon adding to the driving demand in warehouse space. The majority of retailers have adapted to survive, shifting their energy to support the demands of consumers still cautious to leave home or simply finding more comfort in e-Commerce over brick-and-mortar shopping. 

This has ultimately led to a much greater need for warehouse space from coast to coast, and as demand rises, availability and space quickly disappear. It has been reported that over the next five years “the U.S. will require an additional 330 million square feet of distribution space to handle [demand],” with some thinking this is just the bare minimum of the true need to keep up with consumer demands. 
It is with that in mind that BIG Logistics has been working to expand our pool of expertise and network of warehousing, starting with our flagship location, on the grounds of DFW International Airport. We recognize the needs our customers, both new and old, will have in the coming months and years and are working to ensure we have the capabilities and space to exceed those needs. We continue to do our best to integrate solutions to provide you with the space, service, and peace of mind you need when looking for fulfillment and distribution services.

Our DFW facility now spans a total of 233,000 sqft with available open space for New Opportunities of 100,000 sqft w promotional pricing for Q4 2021. Our bonded CFS space is ideal for those looking for anything from long-term contracted space to extra overflow during Q4 & the peak holiday season. Our goal is to ensure you have everything you need to succeed in a BIG way.

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