BIG Heart for Big Problems

Jordan E, Harris Foundation
Jordan E. Harris

The holiday season is coming up and with it, thousands of people will be experiencing Seasonal Depression, including those that already struggle with other forms of depression. With the days getting shorter, and the nights getting longer, people tend to go outside less with the cold and COVID-19. Because of this, depression tends to kick up and become a monstrous thing to fight. Especially alone. With suicide rates rising for some groups, mental health is becoming more and more important to pay attention to as every day passes and we lose one more person to the invisible beast.

 Even when your friends and family seem to be perfectly fine, they could be hiding their internalized fight with this creature that consumes the minds and hearts of those we love without us even realizing it. Even people that seem overly happy on the outside could be fighting with their inner demons on the inside. These are the ones we want to shed light on so the individual fighting for their life is heard and understands that they are loved and not alone.

 This is where BIG Logistics is stepping in to do our part. We are dedicated to helping end the stigma surrounding mental health, depression, and suicide; shining a light that the people who struggle with these things can follow to a world of hope. On November 10th, we will be sponsoring a table at the Jordan E. Harris Foundation’s 8th Annual Bring the Conversation to Light Luncheon. This luncheon is dedicated to spreading awareness about these issues through training people to help others overcome their suicide and depression.

 “Over 180 QPR suicide prevention trainings were held in 2020 training 4,218 attendees, and over 81,000 students are served by Hope Squads, a peer-to-peer suicide prevention program, in 89 schools across 9 districts. We also provide critical funding for depression research,” the Jordan E. Harris Foundation, will host this incredible event at the Will Rogers Round Up Inn in Fort Worth on Wed Nov 10th.

 BIG Logistics never forgets that we are a service industry with active listeners that are very good at what they do. Our mission statement is “BIG Logistics, inspired by its Founder’s focus on employees and its core values of Business, Integrity, and Growth, is driven to becoming the preferred logistics partner in the customer’s Global Supply Chain.” We are here for our employees and customers 100% of the way and are doing our part to make sure our employees are in the right headspace to do their job to the best of their abilities. 

 If you would like to join BIG Logistics in raising awareness and money for this event, click on this link, or copy and paste the web address below, for more information.  Attendance can be both In-Person or Virtual.  Select ‘Vinod Baliga – BIG Logistics’ as your table captain when registering.