Empowering Women in Logistics: Usha Shelat


The entire purpose of logistics is to ensure cargo gets to the right destination. Moving a specific thing to a certain place is, at the most basic, exactly our purpose. While logistics is the business of targeted transportation, the profession of logistics is often populated by dedicated professionals who found their place after a circuitous journey. On occasion, for Usha Shelat, Accounting Manager at BIG Logistics, the journey circled around twice. 

Starting with KFS, a company that later became a key part of the BIG Logistics family, Usha’s first tenure with our organization began in 2002. In 2007, after five years, Usha moved overseas, returning in 2010 to the KFS family, then finally becoming a BIG Logistics employee in 2016. 

“BIG takes the time to build the foundation from bottom to top allowing all women, including myself to gain quality skills and receive an impactful mentorship. The team allows us to connect, plan, and succeed. Even with myself as an Accounting Manager, I have been able to teach and upskill which empowers me and the greater team,” explained Usha. That foundation is an integral part of her success and the further success of her co-workers.  

Usha mentioned the foundation required to succeed in logistics again when asked about the ways other logistics companies can also empower their workers, especially focusing on women as they gain more share of the industry. 

“I would hope other companies, especially others in logistics, would take the time to set the foundation for women to succeed and be strong in leadership; to set the tone from the top and create an environment that is open for learning and empowerment.” 

The opportunity to improve her expertise and learn new skills is what Usha wants all women in logistics to have. Mentoring the next generation of women is a way of empowering those around her. Her advice speaks to the advancement of women in logistics. 

“I would tell young women that logistics is quick and fast-paced, but if you take the time to learn, listen, and adapt from those supporting you, you will succeed. And hard work, even after hours, on your own time, learning, will always pay off in the end. In logistics, things are always on the move, and they say an empowered woman does not stand around in critical moments of time because she is always on the move for success.” 

At BIG, our team is made up of dedicated, passionate industry professionals who understand the impact a logistics partner has on your business working your behalf. If you want to learn more about the outstanding team at BIG Logistics, contact us today.