eCommerce increases expected through Q4

There isn’t a retail sector in the world that hasn’t been impacted by the juggernaut of eCommerce and the explosion of online shopping that’s happened since the pandemic. Analysts expect a 27% increase in e-commerce from October through December as more people shop for holiday items and avoid close contact shopping in busy malls and stores. Even buy-online-pickup-in-store options are expected to climb by 40% this year with no contact delivery becoming an almost instantaneous option. 

The earlier shopping for the holiday season started because consumers are worried that inventory shortages and bottlenecks in shipments will upset their gifting plans. From September 2019 – September 2020, the global eCommerce market grew by 20% with a sales increase of 113% during the same year period. The end of the third-quarter numbers are expected to show the sales increase reach 122% after the restocking from panic buys takes place. 

September 2020 was the fourth-best intermodal month of all time for U.S. rail thanks to restocking and e-commerce, but that surge or shipments isn’t making for a smooth shipping atmosphere. Congestion, capacity, climbing rates, equipment shortages, and delays are mounting as ports struggle to move the huge numbers of containers that are arriving from Asia. 

While eCommerce continues to boom, reverse logistics is more common than ever before. The process of returning purchases to distribution centers and sellers is a large part of the supply chain and no two companies have the same process for returns. Whether the cargo needs to return to a distribution center or head back overseas, BIG Logistics can work out a plan to make that shipping process easier than ever before. 

We have space for your cargo if you need local fulfillment and distribution services, options for pick & pack services, a simple warehouse management system that can integrate into your dashboard, and we’re strategically located to provide storage services for your eCommerce shipments until they’re ready to ship. 

BIG Logistics is ready to be your partner in eCommerce where you can trust our decades of experience and expertise to build the perfect logistics plan to keep your customers happy and fulfilled. 

Our 143,000 square foot warehouse offers shippers a variety of import, export and domestic service solutions.