Don’t Get Pickled By Peak Season

After extreme supply chain disruption during the pandemic, the time of peak season has been more of a fond memory than a definitive time in logistics. However, as we move into the third quarter and enter the back-to-school season, we are experiencing a peak season that follows the traditional path closer than any time in the last two years. While a constant peak season like we experienced in the pandemic might sound like a free-for-all boon to logistics professionals, it was more akin to a non-stop traffic jam where we found ourselves wondering why so many people are trying to merge onto a freeway at 4:00 AM on Sunday. There was no relenting, so the take off just felt like another day of disruption. 

This peak season kicked off in time with the reopening of Chinese cities that experienced late lockdowns to fight back against Covid outbreaks. Though the deluge of cargo expected to follow the reopening of those cities hasn’t manifested itself as quickly as expected, between the equipment imbalances, rate instability, lack of drivers and other disruptions, peak season will be moving full speed ahead for the next few months. 

Currently, retailers are looking to boost inventory levels to meet the holiday shopping seasonal demand that was curtailed during the pandemic. While some retailers had empty shelves, others found themselves with an overstock of items nobody wanted and desperate to secure cargo that was in demand. It’s not uncommon for peak season to separate the standard holiday gifts from the knock-down fight-worthy Tickle Me Elmo gift of the season. Until laypeople can find out early what the mystery present will be and order sufficient supplies, we’ll find ourselves moving cargo to build up resources as the “most-wonderful” time of the year approaches. 

As noted during the entire pandemic and peak seasons of yesteryear, planning ahead is the best way to remain ahead of the disruption. Being flexible with your scheduling, open to the driver and carrier issues, and understanding of the time needed to secure equipment will mitigate many delays in advance. Having a warehouse provider where you can move cargo once it arrives at the port is also a key benefit of working with a logistics partner like BIG Logistics. Our expert team can help you avoid costly delays and inventory shortages as cargo navigates complicated port congestion and rail issues that plague last-minute senders. 

If you want to see your peak season become more successful than Christmas carols by candlelight, contact your BIG Logistics representative today and let us help hustle your holiday shipments straight to your doors.