Customer Service in a B.I.G. way with APPiT

Customer service at BIG Logistics means more than the personal touch we put on every client interaction. Our goal is to make the lives of our clients easier by listening to their needs and structuring our support to offer the services that suit their business model. In no industry is this more evident than the way we’re integrating our web service for eCommerce clients. BIG Logistics has partnered with APPiT to ensure we have the capability to immediately respond and take on projects that require integrations with shopping carts and inventory management systems.

Not only are we able to instantly integrate with standard EDI systems for Walmart, Amazon, Etsy, and other established sales platforms, we can also customize the integration to less frequently used platforms, connect to do data extractions for accurate records, process email requests, and export data back to sellers. The typical integration process takes around 60 days, but with BIG Logistics and APPiT, we can reduce that to less than thirty days so our clients spend more time selling and less time connecting.

Our customer service options for the EDI integration include interpretation of sales language, conversions for SKU and UPC codes, instant confirmations, and complete confidentiality for the entire system. Because we have developers on our team, we can react instantly to create customized solutions for the shipping needs of every individual customer. Flexible, partial integrations are available and we can scale up as your business grows to offer the same speed and security you’ve come to expect from BIG Logistics.

Service, security, and speed are the hallmarks of success for eCommerce retailers, regardless if they have a storefront or operate just virtually. BIG Logistics and APPiT offer full backups at multiple points to subvert problems and have you running in moments if something goes wrong. We take your business personally, and our offerings are available to customize and re-customize as you grow in size and selection. If you’re looking for a logistics provider who can also be a trusted eCommerce platform, we’ve got some BIG solutions ready for you!