CEIV Handling, a BIG Investment into the future.

BIG Logistics completed our first COVID-related CEIV shipment when we managed the importation of pre-FDA approved temperature-sensitive COVID-19 tests for research purposes. The kits came to the United States from India to be tested for FDA approval. As the kits were not on the FDA approved list, BIG Logistics understood that timely FDA clearance would require specific backup documentation for release. We thoroughly worked to provide all required supporting documents to the FDA to obtain the release for the final delivery to the testing lab. The foundation we built with the FDA and local Customs in both Dallas, TX and Boston, MA during this importation will serve BIG Logistics as we continue to facilitate the medical research imports that we hope will lead doctors and scientists to develop more treatments for the Coronavirus.

Unlike a typical import shipment where BIG Logistics provides the destination services and customs clearance, this shipment was a learning process two weeks in the making. We had to provide a deeper level of documentation and work back and forth with the shipper in India to accurately detail the contents of the tests and the manner in which they’d be used once delivered to the final consignee. Risk assessments; temperature control that confirmed the packaging had maintained a consistent 5 degree Celsius internal temperature for eight days; security and labeling were all carefully considered by the BIG Logistics CEIV Pharma team that spearheaded the project.

“It was a great success!” Daniel explains, excited to see the project turn out successfully. “BIG Logistics has made a meaningful investment into our education and team building this past year. A project like this gave us a chance to test that knowledge and teamwork so we’re thrilled at how well it went.”

Building a strong relationship with the FDA and other agencies who work with pharmaceutical importers will help BIG Logistics build an import service that combines the small family dynamic of our local branches but has the knowledge and connections of the bigger companies. That’s a value we can pass onto our clients as we continue building our pharmaceutical services. If you’re looking for an importer to work with your pharma or PPE shipments, ask your BIG Logistics representative how we can help you.

we have a BIG HANDLE on pharma shipments
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