BIG Warehouse Opportunities in Dallas Fort Worth

You bring the cargo, we'll bring the expertise.

As record imports pour into the United States this holiday season, it has soaked up available space on vessels, trucks, rail, and warehouses. Bottlenecked cargo waits on boats outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Even when containers finally get unloaded, they have few if any places to go, chassis to travel on, or drivers to pull them. If you’re looking for warehouse space, BIG Logistics has room for you. Our two facilities in the Dallas Fort Worth area each have more than 100,000 sq ft of space conveniently located near the DFW airport and the BNSF railhead.

If you’re importing air cargo or need eCommerce support, our DFW facility is ready to customize a pick and pack solution for your shipments. There’s no system we can’t integrate with and our specially trained staff can implement a solution to fit your online shopping presence. With 114,100 sq ft, more than 3,000 rack positions, and 22 dock doors, our climate-controlled location is located on the DFW airport property, perfect for international and domestic air freight.

If you’re looking for a more industrial location, our AFW warehouse is less than a mile from the BNSF railhead in Fort Worth. A bonded CFS, CES, and active FTZ, we have 22 dock doors and over 140,000 sq ft, we’re a perfect facility for cargo staging, close to Amazon facilities and FDA certified.

Strategically located in Texas, we’re well away from the mess of congestion on the east and west coasts, near gulf ports that can move ocean cargo to the same destinations and avoid the congestion delays. We’ve worked to build a cargo community that can provide precisely tailored solutions to your logistics and warehousing concerns.

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