BIG Thanksgiving Stories

After a tumultuous year, BIG Logistics is bringing you some light and love as we look back on our holiday traditions, those things we’re thankful for, and ways you can be of service to your community in this difficult time. We’re wishing you the happiest (& safest) Thanksgiving! Be well!

Usha Shelat

Year after year, Thanksgiving is a time of tradition and reflection with our closest family and friends. In our household, one of our favorite traditions includes watching the Cowboys play every year, despite not always winning. Additionally, the dishes created and served consists of both classic American foods along with some classic Indian foods. From mashed potatoes to chicken tikka masala, the mountain of food and the number of laughs seems to be never-ending. Even during a year of unforeseen circumstances, I am eternally grateful for good family, friends, and health. Finally, working at a company like BIG Logistics has given me an even bigger family, and for that I am thankful. 

Lara Fosnight

I grew up moving my whole life since my father was in the U.S. Air Force for 30 years.  Living abroad many of those years, my parents at every thanksgiving always invited the young troops in his squadron that had no family abroad to join in our Thanksgiving meal at our home.  They believed no one should be alone or miss out on the most anticipated meal of the year! My parents are both passed now but I have carried on their tradition to invite friends who have no local family to our home for a Thanksgiving feast.

I am thankful my parents taught me the true meaning of sharing by leading by example.

Sarah Hudson

Some Hudson family traditions:

After we eat we go to the Star of Hope Mission to serve dinner to the less fortunate.  This has always been Tom and my way of teaching our children the value of family and not “things”.  What they have learned is that someone may not have a “home or a lot of personal items”, but they are not different from us as people.  They have had many conversations with all people from all walks of life and have always come away from the day feeling truly blessed as well as grateful. 

My Great Grandmother made a dish called cranberry ice.  It has been a recipe in our family for over 100 years.  The problem is, my mother won’t share the recipe and is 84, and all of us remaining family members are scared to death she will not give it to us before she passes away.  All I know is it is yummy. 

Tony Pope

YMCA Turkey Trot was a tradition in my family for several years!

In years past I would head off early morning with Rudy to Downtown Dallas for the early morning YMCA Turkey Trot and then on over to my parents for the Thanksgiving feast. Over the past several years I have added seasonal plant-based healthy recipes to the menu lineup at the Pope House.  Lots of great food and football always fill the Thursday

This time of year I am always thankful for my family’s health and good fortune; I always feel blessed for what I have been able to achieve in my lifetime.

Richard Jones

This year will be different, will miss being with family and friends, catching up with what is going on in everyone’s life, because of the virus. I am aware of how fortunate we have been over the years. Because of this, Several years ago we decided to try and share some of the good fortune we have been blessed with.   Thanksgiving morning we head to Ft. Worth and help feed those who are less fortunate,  usually volunteering at the Union Gospel Mission, Presbyterian night shelter, or at one of the many Churches that will set up in a vacant lot and reach out to those who are homeless or just alone, offering them food, respect, prayers, and a feeling of worth. Arriving back at the house,  sitting around the table is a special time.  We are in full appreciation of our blessings. 
Once dinner is over, we head to the couch with a cold one, and how about them Cowboys!   – Well,  maybe next year. The cold one is still good. 

Daniel Johns

From my earliest memories, Thanksgiving was that holiday that would bring our entire family together, usually at Grandma’s house.  Which made Grandma the superstar of the day.  Not only did she run that kitchen and make some incredible food, but she taught the next generation along the way which continues to carry down!  And the pies, so many different pies, the APEX of the day, Grandma would make like 10-12 pies!!  Great memories, laughs, stories, life lessons, oh and of course the Cowboys’ game!
I’m thankful I have the opportunity to work with such a great group of folks here at BIG and I am especially thankful for the wellbeing of our BIG family in these troubling times!

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