BIG Savings on Small Parcels

Small Parcels savings with BIG Logistics
Small Parcels Savings with BIG Logistics

As e-Commerce escalates from mammoth to behemoth, small parcels and package services are increasingly important parts of a company’s complete logistics plan. Together with the warehouse and pick and pack services, small parcel delivery services are at the top of the triad pyramid. Initially, a boutique service best handled by the USPS, small package cargo is either considered a “most-expensive” option for the emergency services of air freight or fine for the modern equivalent of the Pony Express – and to be honest, it can arrive looking like it was dropped on your doorstep by an angry 747 passing overhead. Finally, thankfully, the dignity of small parcel shipments has become an important topic on the logistics scene for almost everyone involved. e-Commerce has reorganized the market and small packages are critical to shipper’s successes. 

In light of the above, we have some BIG news. BIG Logistics has heard from our clients that small parcel services are important to their business and we’ve put together a small package service option to destinations around the world at a significant discount reserved for our clients. No longer do we have to think of individual cartons as the outlier; we’re ready to see them as the backbone of your business and the core of service we can provide to your customers. 

BIG Savings on Small Parcels is a single product for international customers on small parcel and final mile services offering international services and zone rates based on volumes turned over. The savings are enormous and the opportunities are endless. Reverse logistics issues? Handled. Retail goods from manufacturers to the distribution center? Handled. Storefront with customers from around the world? Handled. Your online shop can grow with BIG Logistics while we finely tune a plan to save you money as you secure your shop in an online marketplace. No matter what size you are, you’ll have BIG on your side to guide, advocate and support your team. 

By clicking the link below, you’ll be able to send an email to Daniel Johns (me). You’ll see that the body of the email includes a place for you to add your details. Just fill in those fields to the best of your knowledge and we’ll have a quote back to you as soon as possible. If complete information isn’t available, we will contact you to discuss the details you have and see what we can estimate based on your available information. Try us out, we bet you’ll go BIG and not go home!