B.I.G. Logistics is ready for the COVID-19 vaccine

For the sake of normalcy – and life in Texas right now is far from it – we are all eagerly awaiting the announcement that a vaccine is available to begin inoculating the world against COVID-19.

There have been two very notable stories in the past weeks about supply chain preparedness. The first, from Bloomberg, raised concerns about the total number of airplanes, warehouses and refrigerating required to maintain the vaccine at the proper temperature from manufacture through distribution and dosing. 

The second story talked about integrated carrier UPS building freezer farms in Louisville and the Netherlands capable of storing millions of doses of vaccines while in transit.

We’re already in pharma – so a vaccine just fits right in.

B.I.G. Logistics has made a significant investment in the handling of pharmaceuticals. We have earned IATA’s Center of Excellence of Independent Validators (CEIV) Pharmaceutical Certification. This certification is the air cargo industry’s way of identifying airlines, ground handlers and freight forwarders whose processes are designed to meet the rigorous demands of temperature, chain of custody, visibility and handling that pharmaceutical and life sciences products demand. 

BIG Logistics is CEIV Pharma Certified by IATA.

We cannot do it alone, though. The safety of goods in transit starts from the time the cargo is tendered or shipped overseas, and for B.I.G. Logistics to offer freight forwarding services to pharmaceutical companies, we needed to know that the company on the other side met the same standards of care and quality we provide. Enter our membership in the MiPharmaGlobal network.

B.I.G. Logistics has made investments in our technology and our process to ensure that we are meeting the high levels required to handle pharmaceuticals and medicine.

DFW Airport is the first airport in the United States to be CEIV-certified for pharma, ensuring companies worldwide that the infrastructure exists for cargo receipt, cooling, information sharing and on-forwarding. It is a selling point for Dallas and a point of pride for B.I.G. Logistics and our sister company, SCL Cold Chain.

Secure your cold chain space for your pharma supply chain now.

Cold chain warehousing, especially for life sciences products, cannot be built and brought online as fast as general warehousing – so the market for space and capacity in coolers and refrigerated trucks will tighten considerably as 2020 moves into 2021 and the prospects for a vaccine are realized.

B.I.G. Logistics is your partner in Dallas – and other select US markets – for pharmaceutical companies in need of industry-leading companies who are tested, validated, certified and maintain the necessary systems.

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